Frequently asked questions
There are many questions about Airglass production quantity.
We don’t have any continuous production; just “handmade” and we are still working on "getting the right method". The amount we can produce at the end of this year is about 3-6m² / month and it should be used for making windows.
Is it possible to get the aerogel material clear as glass?
For the moment it's not but we are working on it.
Can it ever be made hydrophobic?
No but if you enclose it you can protect it against liquid.
How much will a piece of aerogel cost?
We don't know yet.
Could the material be produced in different shapes?
Yes, when we mould it's like water.
Which best U-Value is reasonable for the aerogel window?
0.5 W/m² °K.
Which quantities can Airglass AB deliver at the end of this year?
3-6m² / month, by making modifications we can produce up to 15 m² each month.
What is the density of airglass(tm)?
Why is the material bluish when you look at it?
The look of aerogel depends on what light you have. Daylight for instance make the aerogel bluish. See Aerogel in different lights.
What temperatures could the material hold?
Same as glass, up to 6- 700°C.
Could the material be colored?
Yes, but it has to be done in the molding phase. It has not been a great demand for colorizing.